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Phil the Fish

Welcome you have been netted in the post-surreal of phil the fish.
My interpretation of post-surrealism:-
Using a sub-conscious structure to make a conscious intention. You have an idea. Think about it intently for a while and then get on with life and let it seep from conscious thought into sub-conscious thought. After the necessary time has elapsed output it creatively. In order to keep the re-gergitated idea pure as possible, you should adhere to surrealist principles. This allows for a lot more to come out than was originally intended. For more in depth reading see 'Surrealist Manifesto by Andre Bretton'.
Why the fish? The fish is a symbol of surrealism as well as the astrological sign of Pisces, of which I have the Sun, Mercury and Venus. Also the planetary ruler of Pisces, Neptune is angular of my decendant trining Mercury and Venus. Very fishy thinking. Plus as a word, fish is both individual and collective.
When I switched from commercial art to fine art I communicated creatively through a visual manner only. People didn't really know were I was coming from so I was forced into writing to illustrate the pictures. This has since opened me up to greater creative potential. The past, present and future as they are collectively known started off this process. All three drawings were completed before any verse formulated.

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