MAP ArtEleanor Marriot

Eleanor has been taking photos for most of her life but it was a recent year spent travelling round Latin America that turned a hobby into something more compelling. The more photographs she took the more she felt drawn to try and capture what she describes as 'the poetry of life' being played out all around her. 'I found myself gradually tuning in to all the drama taking place. I couldn't help but notice scenes of happiness, fun, sorrow, hardship - emotions which I wanted to try and pass on through my photographs.'

She also finds herself inspired to zone in on items of beauty that sometimes people fail to notice. 'The camera lets me shut out all the clutter surrounding objects so that I can let their beauty stand-out - like corn drying in the sun in a hundred different shades of yellow; a neatly folded pile of brightly-coloured blankets; a child's patent leather shoes the colour of glace cherries; or the sand-sprinkled whiskers of a sea-lion.'

Her work has been featured in publications including Real Travel magazine and she plans to launch a range of related items such as gift cards and calendars through her company Chicken Bus

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A snowy day in London Woman with basket,
Guatemalan huipiles Man in window,
Trinidad, Cuba
Lady selling chillies,
Puerto Merino glacier,
Patagonia, Argentina
Girl celebrating her
(15th birthday),
Havana, Cuba
Vejer de la Frontera
rooftops, Andalucia,
Semana Santa
participant, Jerez,
Flamenca skirts,
Seville, Spain
Little girl in red,
Seville, Spain
Child's flamenca shoes
Seville, Spain
Guatemalan textiles Religious festival,
Cusco, Peru
Semana Santa, Guatemala
Taking a nap in
Huaraz, Peru
Woman and political
slogan, Guatemala
Young Kogi Indian girl,
Young Guatemalan
Dozing man,
Shipwreck in Ushuia
harbour, Argentina
Che Guevara mural,
Santa Clara, Cuba
Woman with cigar,
Havana, Cuba
Old woman in
San Juan,
Guatemalan corn
Shoe shiner in
Havana, Cuba
Happy sealion,
Galapagos Islands,
Sealion's whiskers, Galapagos
Islands, Ecuador
Stilt street
Havana, Cuba
Colourful blankets,
Heading home,
Lago Atitlan,
Woman with basket,
Outside the village
store, Guatemala
Embroidered textiles,
Child in religious
festival, Cusco,
Cactus in
North Argentina
Lago Atitlan,
Sitting on a
Chicken bus,
Feeding the birds in
Cadiz, Spain
Woman with fruit,
Trinidad, Cuba
Man in doorway,
Trinidad, Cuba
Woman in doorway,
Trinidad, Cuba
Papier mache cars,
Havana, Cuba